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Amy Milam / Principal

(325) 513-6851


Jake Godwin / Director of Technical Sales

(325) 513-9898


Robbin Metuh / Sales Manager

(210) 802-5313 /

(Austin, Houston, San Antonio)


Becky Anderson/ Client Solutions Executive (432) 638-4747 /

(West Texas, North Texas, Austin)


Cheryl Johnston / Client Solutions Executive (325) 668-9194 /

(West Texas)


Stephanie White / Client Solutions Executive

(832) 726-0646 /

(Houston, Austin, South Texas)


Renaldo Reed / Client Solutions Executive

(832) 546-6060 /

(Houston, Austin, South Texas)


Shannon Matus / Client Solutions Executive

(713) 324-9225 /

(Houston, South Texas)

CTS Team Feature: Jazmyne Renfro

With her strong IT background – most recently in digital marketing for the notable IT research firm, Gartner – vice-president of operations for Cactus Technology Solutions, Jazmyne Renfro – brings a depth of knowledge to the team, and most importantly to the customers of Cactus.

Jazmyne understands, and respects, her role in assuring seamless solution implementation for clients of Cactus, is vital to all involved.  Regardless if it’s a new client, or a client of several years, the first step after the sale is critical to client satisfaction and Jazmyne embraces that role to its fullest.

“When I become involved with the client, often times they’re new to the Cactus ‘family’; it’s my responsibility to make sure they feel welcomed, and more importantly their relevant client onboarding process with respect to their product(s) is with smooth and they have a point of contact throughout the progression,” explains Jazmyne.  “There are many clients who look to me for significant answers when their client solutions executive is not available; and that’s a responsibility I am honored to have and play a role in.”

A native of Houston, Jazmyne moved back to her home state of Texas in part due to her new role with Cactus after her stint with Gartner in Florida.  Ready to return to her home state, Jazmyne welcomed the chance.  “Though college and job opportunities took me elsewhere and I enjoyed my time in those places, I’m a Texan, and I enjoy being home,” boast Jazmyne.

Jazmyne believes the people – both customers and fellow Cactus colleagues – is what she has enjoyed the most in her role.  Servicing the clients and developing deeper, mutually beneficial relationships is paramount to Jazmyne; and, it mimics the culture Amy Milam, CEO of Cactus, deploys with the entire Cactus team.  Jazmyne’s attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed; she’s even has taken such impeccable care of clients, that some refer to her as their primary point of contact via Cactus.

Working in collaboration with the other Cactus project managers, Jazmyne fosters an honest, hardworking culture with her team within Cactus.  And, has been able to do it with a strong style considering they are all separated by hundreds of miles geographically.

Understanding the importance of self-care, Jazmyne believes taking care of herself has tremendous impact on her role with Cactus’ clients.

“When I take time out for me, I can return to taking care of our clients in a better mindset, and serving our clients in terms of a deeper, more substantial relationship, is impactful – not just for me, but for all the parties involved,” explains Jazmyne.

Having recently celebrated her 30th birthday, Jazmyne received a spectacular gift – a wedding proposal from her boyfriend of three years, Christopher. When not working or thinking about the clients of Cactus, Christopher and Jazmyne enjoy finding a good television show to watch together – most recently, ‘Fargo’ with Chris Rock.

Jazmyne has a unique perspective on trends, considering the variance of clients and their respective solutions.  When asked what she believes businesses’ resources need to concentrate on going into the new year, her answer was immediate.  “Unfortunately, due to COVID our focus and respective compliance must be on security.   As people continue to WFH (work from home), coupled with increasing hacking threats, it’s essential for businesses to assure they have the best security infrastructure in place.”

Are You Compelled?

Of course, there is nothing like hearing this firsthand but if you missed the webinar hosted by our partner, RingCentral, featuring former Dallas Cowboy, Darren Woodson – this is a great read.

Great principles for anything in life.

The C’s!

Darren Woodson attributed Coach Jimmy Johnson’s success to management of his people and recognized four categories of attitudes, not just on the football field, but in the workplace.  He called this Darren’s Four C’s of Employee Types:

Content – This is the guy that shows up to an 8:00 meeting at 8:05 wearing headphones.  He’s most likely doing this job until he finds something better and doesn’t engage with anyone about work.  Most likely, content employees are the first ones out the door at night.

Compliant – This employee has no ambition beyond doing the job they have in front of them, but they show up for an 8:00 meeting at 8:00.  They will work their time, but only their time.  These employees don’t engage with other employees outside of work in a volunteer or marketing opportunity.  They are working to get their paycheck.

Committed – These are the employees that come in and are fantastic at their job, but it is all about “their” job.  He compared this mindset to Neon Deon himself, who even when Dallas lost, would tell everyone how it wasn’t on him; he did his job.  Woodson talked about how there is no care whether the business profits or gets run into the ground; all these employees care about is hitting some external or internal goal they have set for themselves.

Compelled – This is a star employee.  They not only set high goals for themselves but challenge others to do the same, pushing them to be the best they can be.  At work, they are the first ones in the door and the last to leave.  He reminisced about Michael Irvin, who tried to make Woodson look bad in practice all day, going full tilt, juking and stiff arming.  Irvin pulled him aside afterwards and reminded him that there are Jerry Rice’s in the world who aren’t going to take it easy on you, either.  Irvin felt he owed it to Woodson to prepare him for Hall of Fame talent when it wasn’t practice.

Great Advice for Those That Will Listen

His advice for these first two C’s:  Get rid of them!!!  Woodson specifically called them a virus that will infect other workers if given a chance.  If left alone and unchallenged, your whole workplace will become like this.  He recommended bringing them in, talking about their goals, and challenging them to want more; but, if they won’t change, part ways.

For the committed, he recommended pairing them with other like-minded employees, so for them to succeed, someone else, usually their rival, has to succeed.  The goal is to turn them into compelled employees as well and ultimately drive other employees to follow their leadership.

Thanks again to RingCentral, Darren Woodson and all those who joined the call!

The Momentum is Building!

Recognized as one of North America’s top providers of Unified Communications, Momentum Telecom has been a trusted provider for Cactus Technology Solutions for several years.

“Our clients rely on us to bring simple, painless solutions to them.  It is critical we choose partners, such as Momentum who value the golden rule when building relationships with our clients.  Honesty, integrity, and understanding are of the utmost important qualities we look for.  The rest is easy,” explains Amy Milam, CEO of Cactus Technology Solutions.

Founded in 2001 as Momentum Business Solution, it began as an internet and business phone provider, but modern-day businesses quickly changed the IT/telecom landscape and Momentum quickly adapted to meet the demands of the marketplace.

With an estimated 30 Channel Managers, Momentum’s channel team is robust.  With over 40 years of experience, dedicated Channel Manager Kerri Lytle, and Solution Design Engineer, Russell Smith bring the depth of industry experience and knowledge required to bring solid solutions and support to Cactus’ clients.

Momentum’s culture is far reaching, including assuring their partners and processes are part of the culture; and, for Kerri makes the difference.  “Our mentality of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with our partners, like Cactus, combined with our focused collaborative approach from pre-sale all the way to post-sale with our white glove installation is our formula for differentiating ourselves from the competition,” states Kerri.

Both Kerri and Russ enjoy being in front of partners and clients and enjoy having the opportunity to watch the customer discover a new facet of their business.  Momentum’s sales process challenges the customer to look at their current telecom infrastructure differently and then identify an area or two for potential added monies to the bottom line.  Often, Momentum can uncover an opportunity that will increase efficiencies and bring a premium solution to the client.

For Amy, Momentum’s sales approach has been readily apparent each time she brings a Momentum in to a client.  “In sitting on the same side of the desk with the customer, it’s imperative our partners take time to understand the client’s business and goals to customize a solution that will improve the way they do business; not just to sell them something.  Each time we bring Kerri and Russ to a presentation, I am confident we have presented a solution that has our customer’s best interest at heart.  I can’t stress the peace of mind it brings to our team” says Amy.

Working with the team from Cactus has been mutually beneficial in several aspects for everyone.  Often times the members of Cactus and Momentum begin with an early day of appointments and continue till the close of business, and according to Russ, “we are having a blast doing it, too!”

Identifying a partner and developing strong relationships with providers is critical for Cactus Technology Solutions.  Those partnerships are the foundation for the success of the clients, Cactus and ultimately the provider.  Kerri echoed the sentiments when asked what was paramount for him when working with Cactus and its customer-focused approach.  Kerri explains, “Cactus is willing to engage us early in the process and therefore it leads to a true collaborative trust.  They are always involving us at the right time and right level.  Everything we do together is united, that’s what makes it effective.  We win together, and sometimes we lose together.”

With the constant changes of how businesses are communicating, Momentum is staying ahead of the curve, even in light of the pandemic.  Companies must support their employees – even those working from home or off-site – and the support means solid voice, network, and security options.

The current ‘work from home’ initiatives have been interesting says Russ, “for voice, we have seen an influx of desire to incorporate the Microsoft Teams to its fullest potential for some clients.”   Russ also says the popularity of soft phones has increased, plus the adoption of video.   “I was somewhat surprised how popular video is now and people are becoming more comfortable with utilizing it.  But then I heard a client say, ‘how can I trust you if I can’t see you’ and it made complete sense.”

Partnerships like Cactus Technology Solutions and Momentum Telecom are the foundation for success – for the clients!

Viasat Grant Opportunty

Introducing the Viasat Small Grant Program

Our partner, Viasat, understands how you are faced with challenging times during this pandemic.  So much so, they’re offering five (5) $5,000 grants to help your business to stay connected.    Need new equipment?  Perhaps a website?  Or maybe you just need to help with operating costs…

Click here to learn more Viasat Grant Details

The Dog Days of Summer are Here!

The term “Dog Days” traditionally refers to a period of particularly hot and humid weather occurring during the summer months of July and August in the Northern Hemisphere.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the Dog Days were believed to be a time of drought, bad luck, and unrest, when dogs and men alike would be driven mad by the extreme heat. Today, the phrase doesn’t conjure up such bad imagery. Instead, the Dog Days are associated purely with the time of summer’s peak temperatures and humidity. (source:  The Almanac)

Yes, the heat and humidity are upon us – but we’re not letting that slow us down.  As always, we’d welcome the opportunity to learn more about you, your business and any fur-babies in your home!

We are embracing the ’Dog Days’ with our team and their pooches!  We hope you’ll enjoy as we brag on our four-legged kiddos a bit!


Hondo, Amy Milam’s dog

Hondo loves being outdoors fishing, swimming in the tank, taking long rides through the country and ice cream sandwiches.  He’s a 3-year-old Labrador retriever.



Phineas Winston Anderson (Finn for short), Becky Anderson’s dog

Finn loves chasing golf carts – he never catches them; he just likes to act like he will catch them.  Finn and Becky love the outdoors and walking the trail.


Bruno and Treasure, Mike Anderson’s dogs

Bruno enjoys mimicking his dad, Mike, by wearing hats; and Treasure is living up to his name by treasuring time via a nap with his dad.


King and Ace, Daniel Ke’s dogs

They love walks with their dad, Daniel

SIDE NOTE:  if you remember last month’s feature, you’ll know the derivative of their names – don’t worry – there won’t be any quizzes.

Hazel, Tanner Milam’s dog

Hazel is a cuddler – but also enjoys running (like her dad!).

SIDE NOTE:  Hazel isn’t sticking her tongue out at you!  🙂


Kimber, Miles Moore’s dog

Kimber’s favorite thing to do is to play fetch and swim!



Kane, Jazmyne Renfro’s dog

Kane – or sometimes Kaniac – loves longs walks, sandwiches and making new friends

SIDE NOTE: we promise we didn’t copy this from a song lyric!


Diego, Kim Schofield’s dog

Diego only responds when Kim speaks to him in Spanish (we’re not sure on the English commands).  Diego also enjoys chasing big dogs.


Buster and Rose, Stephanie White’s dogs

These guys are attention seekers and want it all, though belly rubs are the best.  The smaller one, Rose, likes to nip at ankles.



We Might Be Able to Save You 💵💲💵

In our current dilemma as a nation, cost savings has never been as prevalent as it is now.   This is where your client solutions executive and the rest of your team via Cactus Technology Solutions can be most beneficial to you.


We pride ourselves in offering an assortment of benefits at NO COST to you.  From order placement to solution design our role in working with you on your side of the table – regardless of how long the process could take – can make an enormous difference versus working directly with the carriers.


In the last few months we have worked closely with several clients to provide a ‘bill analysis’ in an effort to learn where you may reap the benefits of cost savings.  It’s critical we compare your bill against the contracted rates to assure you’re not paying for more than you should.


Speak directly to your client solutions executive today to set up a complimentary bill analysis.  Worst thing that could happen?  It took just a few minutes of your busy time.  Best thing?  You might see some cost savings!

Team Feature: Stephanie White

You can call her by many nicknames – a few might include either ‘summer lover’ or ‘the walking Shazam’.  Regardless, Houston native, Stephanie White, enjoys the simple things in life as well as being an ear for others. What’s most impressive is that it’s evident when visiting with her – even for just a few minutes.

When asked what makes Stephanie a great advisor for her clients, she quickly replies, “my clients know I have their best interest in all of my solutions.”

Mother to an 11-year-old, Stephanie and her husband, live in the Houston, Texas.  Her work as a Client Solutions Executive is a role she embraces similar to being a mother, embracing every moment with understanding and fighting to win every opportunity given.

When asked what she enjoys most about working with Cactus Technology Solutions, Stephanie’s respect and appreciation for the freedom she has in choosing a provider, or a master agent is paramount.  Stephanie’s dedication to her clients is seen in the details and perseverance when searching for the perfect solution.  In fact, Stephanie’s due diligence when researching the ideal solutions for her clients is the truest definition of commitment; Stephanie listens to the insightful podcast and webinar series offered by our Telecommunications Master Agents to continue to learn this ever-changing world of technology.

Stephanie explains, “Our freedom to work with multiple providers is like thinking through moves of a game of chess, trying to make the best move for the strategic goals of my customer.”.

Now, one might determine with Stephanie’ analogy chess means she enjoys being indoors. However, Stephanie loves the outdoors and prefers being outside – even in the Texas heat!   When asked about her favorite television show Stephanie explains she’s outside so much there’s not much time to watch tv.

Stephanie was forthcoming with words about Cactus Technology Solutions’ CEO Amy Milam, too.  Stephanie believes having a compassionate leader who leads by example has been a motivating and team unifying benefit of being part of the Cactus Technology Solutions’ team.  “Amy is empathetic, genuine and helpful in every capacity and I feel it’s one of the characteristics I’ve enjoyed the most about Cactus,” describes Stephanie.

Something about Stephanie many may not realize is her tremendous ear for music and love for playing various instruments including the guitar, violin and the piano.

It has been proven and clearly sounds like Stephanie has a remarkable work ethic and compassion for her clients, too!

A Winning Hand

A native of Georgia, senior project manager for Cactus Technology Solutions Daniel Ke is exploring the vast offerings of the United States with his wife, Lisa Nguyen.

Daniel Ke
Daniel and his wife, Lisa Nguyen

“We wanted to open our eyes to experience different places and are currently residing in Virginia,” explains Daniel.

Between the diversity and the Metro (Washington DC’s mass transit system), Daniel and Lisa are pleased with where their journey has taken them right now.  However, their journey is about to widen with the pending birth of their son this October.

But Daniel believes the family culture is just as evident within the team of Cactus Technology Solutions.

“I didn’t expect to feel like this working with a company.  Cactus is by far the best company I have ever worked with; Amy is a terrific leader and she instills the family culture to the team.  I’m thrilled to be part of Cactus,” boast Daniel.

As the senior project manager, Daniel works one-on-one with both clients of Cactus Technology Solutions and individual team members.  He assures the client’s expectations are met on behalf of the Cactus team.

Daniel’s resume is impressive – his experience with AT&T and other telecom service companies has developed his skills to match the ongoing needs of both the clients and team members of Cactus.

When asked about what has been most satisfying in his role at Cactus, Daniel’s answer is quick and adamant:  “I know I make a positive impact with our clients and I have a voice in the direction needed to resolve any issues – both pending and resolving any potential issues.”

As a first generation American, Daniel and Lisa stay true to their families’ heritage.  In fact, they met in college at a student networking event for fellow Vietnamese students.

“Lisa was singing on stage, and I know at that moment I had found my true love,” Daniel says proudly.

Daniel’s vast experience and skills are of no surprise; however, his hobby might be of a shock.  Daniel is an avid ‘Texas Hold ‘Em Poker’ player, having played extensively in college.   But don’t gamble on Lisa playing the tables or slots – she has no interest.

The Cactus Technology Solutions’ team will bet on Daniel to assure our clients receive the best in customer service and project management details.  He’s a tremendous asset to the team.

Client Feature: Big Country Electric Cooperative

After having worked directly with Cactus Technology Solutions’ Amy Milam and Jake Godwin in a previous capacity, Big Country Electric Cooperative’s Linda Key knew first-hand the depth of knowledge and insight Jake and Amy could bring to the table when identifying a new phone system for the 13,000-member cooperative.


Big Country Electric Cooperative
Big Country Electric Cooperative IT Team Scott Edmonds and Chris Thomson

Linda’s Information System Administrator, Scott Edmonds, and IS Technician, Chris Thomson, saw The Momentum phone system presented at several conferences, liked the offerings, and felt it was time for a demonstration for the organization, so Scott called and secured an appointment.  Amy, Jake. Momentum’s Kerri Lytle coupled with Momentum’s sales engineer, Russell Smith, came to the meeting and presented the complete system to Linda and her team including the many features and benefits the hosted voice structure could bring to Big Country Electric Cooperative.


“Having worked with Jake and Amy before, I was very comfortable – and confident – their recommendation for a new phone system would make sure the needs of Big Country Electric Cooperative were in the forefront to assure a sound offering,” explained Linda.


As a not-for-profit organization, Linda’s role as vice-president of office services is critical to assure any expenditures for infrastructure not only meets the needs of the organization but will also reassure the member-owned organization has done their due diligence.


Following a mid-December of 2019 install, Big Country Electric Cooperative has been very pleased.  And, in light of the recent COVID-19 developments requiring Linda and her colleagues work from home, the Momentum phone system has far exceeded expectations.


“We were familiar with the extensive features/benefits of the phone system; however, we have been forced to learn and utilize features quicker than we would have had we still been working on-site.  The system’s screen share and face-to-face features have been tremendous,” says Linda.


MomentumThe Momentum phone solution has been a unified answer for the organization as they continue to meet the needs of their membership.  Calls are answered with a physical phone, as a soft phone via the computer, or through an application installed on an employee’s smart phone.  The application assures the call is made via the COOP’s main number and doesn’t have to utilize the recipient’s personal cell phone number. Working remotely has allowed Member Accounts Representative’s to utilize the soft phone and app features to take members’ calls since physical phones could not be installed at employees’ homes.


“We have been fortunate to assist our members without any digression during these unique circumstances.  I’m pretty confident this phone solution has played an important part in our organization’s efficiency as we stand right now,” boast Linda.


Linda praised her IS team.  “Scott and Chris did all the real work in getting the phone system installed. The implementation couldn’t have happened without them, and I’m grateful to have them as part of my team,” says Linda.


When asked in closing how Linda would describe Cactus Technology Solutions, her answer is concise and adamant, “Amy and Jake can bring dependability, trust and innovation to any organization’s challenges; they certainly did for Big Country Electric Cooperative,” states Linda.