A Winning Hand

A native of Georgia, senior project manager for Cactus Technology Solutions Daniel Ke is exploring the vast offerings of the United States with his wife, Lisa Nguyen.

Daniel Ke
Daniel and his wife, Lisa Nguyen

“We wanted to open our eyes to experience different places and are currently residing in Virginia,” explains Daniel.

Between the diversity and the Metro (Washington DC’s mass transit system), Daniel and Lisa are pleased with where their journey has taken them right now.  However, their journey is about to widen with the pending birth of their son this October.

But Daniel believes the family culture is just as evident within the team of Cactus Technology Solutions.

“I didn’t expect to feel like this working with a company.  Cactus is by far the best company I have ever worked with; Amy is a terrific leader and she instills the family culture to the team.  I’m thrilled to be part of Cactus,” boast Daniel.

As the senior project manager, Daniel works one-on-one with both clients of Cactus Technology Solutions and individual team members.  He assures the client’s expectations are met on behalf of the Cactus team.

Daniel’s resume is impressive – his experience with AT&T and other telecom service companies has developed his skills to match the ongoing needs of both the clients and team members of Cactus.

When asked about what has been most satisfying in his role at Cactus, Daniel’s answer is quick and adamant:  “I know I make a positive impact with our clients and I have a voice in the direction needed to resolve any issues – both pending and resolving any potential issues.”

As a first generation American, Daniel and Lisa stay true to their families’ heritage.  In fact, they met in college at a student networking event for fellow Vietnamese students.

“Lisa was singing on stage, and I know at that moment I had found my true love,” Daniel says proudly.

Daniel’s vast experience and skills are of no surprise; however, his hobby might be of a shock.  Daniel is an avid ‘Texas Hold ‘Em Poker’ player, having played extensively in college.   But don’t gamble on Lisa playing the tables or slots – she has no interest.

The Cactus Technology Solutions’ team will bet on Daniel to assure our clients receive the best in customer service and project management details.  He’s a tremendous asset to the team.

From our CEO, Amy Milam

First, and most important, I hope you and your family are healthy and safe.  Yes, these are unprecedented times; but just as we’ve done as a country before, we will rally back, and all will settle down again.

We have been flooded with absolutely (and surprisingly) spectacular offers for the remote workforce.  And, rather than trying to give you a manageable drink and risking a fire-hydrant-type ‘drink’ we’d like to meet with you – virtually, of course – one-on-one.

It is my hope and expectation you have been contacted by your client solutions executive over the last week to 10 days.  This call’s primary purpose of this outreach is simple…we just want to check on you; not to sell you anything; we only want to confirm you are doing as well as can be expected.  If you have NOT been contacted by a client solutions executive, I’d like to know immediately, and I would like to schedule a call with you and myself as soon as feasible.

Together we will get through this.  And, in my opinion, we will all be stronger on the other side of this mess.





Cactus Technology Solutions’ Staff Announcements

Jazmyne Renfro, former project manager with Cactus Technology Solutions, has been promoted to vice-president of operations effective January 15, 2020.  Renfro has several years of extensive marketing, sales and project management experience, three of those with AT&T. Renfro has her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Renfro’s depth of knowledge has been a tremendous asset to the Cactus Technology team.  Renfro takes pride in improving business operations by implementing solutions, including MPLS networks, cloud, security and mobile applications.  Her passion for customer centricity is unparalleled.


Renaldo Reed has joined the Cactus Technology Solutions as a new client solutions executive effective immediately.  Reed will serve the greater Houston area for all new sales and related service.  An experienced telecom executive, Reed has over 14 years of experience – with 12 of those part of AT&T.  Reed received numerous accolades while with AT&T, including the ‘AT&T Service Excellence Award as a Sale Manager’ in 2012 for outstanding customer resolution.   Outside of his telecom sales career, Reed operates as a social media/marketing manager for several not-for-profit organizations.


As some of you may be aware, Cactus Technology Solutions in 2019 and early 2020 experienced some sales executive departures.  If you have NOT been contacted by your new client solutions executive, please call or email Amy Milam immediately via the contact information below.


Amy Milam, CEO



Daniel Ke Joins Cactus

Daniel Ke has joined the Cactus Technology Solutions’ project management team as their newest Senior Project Manager.

A seasoned telecom professional, Daniel has been in the business for six years and plans to continue to grow within industry. Daniel began his telecom career in 2013 with AT&T as a Client Support Specialist, where he was responsible for coordinating with organizations to oversee implementation of complex orders for complex data, IP and other product lines. In addition, Daniel was responsible for being the client-advocate to assure accurate implementation of projects, on-time billing performance and to develop strong relationships with a variety of groups responsible for support services.

During his free time Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and two French Bulldogs, exercising, riding his bicycle and reading.

Tanner Milam Joins Cactus Technology Solutions

Abilene-based Cactus Technology Solutions has added Jim Ned High School and Angelo State graduate, Tanner Milam, to their client solution executive team.  Milam will work with Cactus clients and prospective clients in the west Texas and DFW markets.


“Tanner brings a depth of technology experience to Cactus Technology Solutions,” states Amy Milam, CEO of Cactus Technology Solutions. “Tanner has already been in front of prospects and current CTS clients assuring they (prospects and clients) have the solutions they need to be successful in today’s volatile business climate.”


A graduate of Angelo State University’s Management Information Systems program, Milam’s education and formal business experience is a natural fit for Cactus Technology Solutions.  His experience and firsthand knowledge of supply chain functionality, coupled with his experience as a project manager, enriches the foundation for the growing needs of Cactus Technology Solutions.


Milam’s answer on why he wanted to join Cactus Technology Solutions was as equally impressive as his resume, “harnessing my motivation, dedication and responsibility to grow our business (Cactus Technology Solutions) is exciting for me – and, the best part is I can improve my business acumen.”