CTS Team Feature: Renaldo Reed

With Renaldo Reed’s first anniversary at Cactus TS in February approaching, we would like to highlight the tremendous insight, hard work, and quality service he has brought to his clients at Cactus and team members. Renaldo has over 15 years of experience in the IT/telecom industry and has received numerous recognitions for his hard work and excellent customer service. Since Renaldo started his role around the time the pandemic started, it has brought unexpected challenges, but he has stayed determined to reach out to new clients during these unprecedented times and provide them with quality service and support. Renaldo is originally from Birmingham, Alabama but now serves the Houston, Austin, and South Texas areas within Cactus TS.

Renaldo’s day to day work life consists of reaching out to clients, building trust with those clients, and providing them with technology solutions to suit their specific needs. Renaldo also enjoys team calls with his team members at Cactus, that way he can connect and engage while working remotely.

“What I love most about my role is when I get to brainstorm and collaborate with our team because there are so many different people with different backgrounds and different levels of knowledge.” He also stated that at Cactus TS “it truly feels like a family, everyone cares about each other, and even though we work remote it still feels like we are all connected.”

5 Tips For Working Remote & How Cactus Can Help


1. Create The Perfect Workspace

Finding a private space that enables you to focus, engage in uninterrupted video conferences, and inspire daily productivity is paramount. Having the right tools at your fingertips is also a top priority; you depend on security and connectivity even when you’re working remotely. Cactus Technology Solutions will ensure you and your team have the right tools to streamline your productivity from the office to home, at no cost to you. Whether that’s taking your business’s data to the cloud, providing a telecom upgrade, or just having a more reliable and secure internet connection can help establish a more sound and reliable remote experience.

2. Set Deadlines

Since the end of Q4 is quickly approaching, make sure you don’t get behind on those final deadlines, so you can truly enjoy the holiday festivities with family. Making daily to-do lists, and sticking to that list can increase productivity and help you feel extra accomplished while staying motivated when you cross them off or deleting them off your time management app.

3. Streamline Tasks

Just how Cactus Technology Solutions can streamline your business to work more efficiently and seamlessly, you can see trends in your day-to-day work and make it more efficient! For example, if you’re sending emails to clients 100 times a week, make an email template, or multiple, to ensure the content feels more personalized. Here is a great free tool to ensure your emails are personalized and streamlined! Try Dynamic Email Content

4. Use Tech Tools!

Out with the post-it notes and in with apps or software that helps your organization! There are so many tools that Cactus Technology Solutions can help your business or team become more efficient, data-driven, money-making machines.

5. Don’t Forget to Unplug & Tidy Up For Tomorrow

Try to spend just a couple of minutes at the end of your workday to clean up and organize your space so it’s ready for what tomorrow will bring. Working from home (or in the office) can sometimes feel like you can never fully getaway, so spend some quality time relaxing and taking care of yourself. Cactus Technology Solutions realizes that people are the most important asset, and they take great care of their employees and clients. Take time to reset and enjoy the flexibility that working remotely has to offer and learn how Cactus can work side by side with you to improve your day-to-day life.


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Amy Milam
Owner & CEO


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Employee Feature of the Month: Robbin Metuh

Our team at Cactus Technology Solutions is nothing short of exceptional, and our Client Solutions Executive, Robbin Metuh is that and more! With over 20 years of working in the telecom/IT industry, Robbin has a long history of providing clients with excellent service and gives her all to each of her customers. “When I came to Cactus, I wanted to give my all which was 200%, not 100%. That included getting out there, getting into the field, making sure my customers were taken care of, and working my butt off.” Everyday Robbin is exploring new vendors and products along with a multitude of various industry customers, and discovering technology solutions to help their business succeed.

Learn More About Robbin >>

Client Solutions Executive Contact Details

Amy Milam / Principal

(325) 513-6851  amilam@cactusts.com


Jake Godwin / Director of Technical Sales

(325) 513-9898  jgodwin@cactusts.com


Robbin Metuh / Sales Manager

(210) 802-5313 / rmetuh@cactusts.com

(Austin, Houston, San Antonio)


Becky Anderson/ Client Solutions Executive (432) 638-4747 / banderson@cactusts.com

(West Texas, North Texas, Austin)


Cheryl Johnston / Client Solutions Executive (325) 668-9194 / cheryl@cactusts.com

(West Texas)


Stephanie White / Client Solutions Executive

(832) 726-0646 / swhite@cactusts.com

(Houston, Austin, South Texas)


Renaldo Reed / Client Solutions Executive

(832) 546-6060 / rreed@cactusts.com

(Houston, Austin, South Texas)


Shannon Matus / Client Solutions Executive

(713) 324-9225 / shannon@cactusts.com

(Houston, South Texas)

CTS Team Feature: Jazmyne Renfro

With her strong IT background – most recently in digital marketing for the notable IT research firm, Gartner – vice-president of operations for Cactus Technology Solutions, Jazmyne Renfro – brings a depth of knowledge to the team, and most importantly to the customers of Cactus.

Jazmyne understands, and respects, her role in assuring seamless solution implementation for clients of Cactus, is vital to all involved.  Regardless if it’s a new client, or a client of several years, the first step after the sale is critical to client satisfaction and Jazmyne embraces that role to its fullest.

“When I become involved with the client, often times they’re new to the Cactus ‘family’; it’s my responsibility to make sure they feel welcomed, and more importantly their relevant client onboarding process with respect to their product(s) is with smooth and they have a point of contact throughout the progression,” explains Jazmyne.  “There are many clients who look to me for significant answers when their client solutions executive is not available; and that’s a responsibility I am honored to have and play a role in.”

A native of Houston, Jazmyne moved back to her home state of Texas in part due to her new role with Cactus after her stint with Gartner in Florida.  Ready to return to her home state, Jazmyne welcomed the chance.  “Though college and job opportunities took me elsewhere and I enjoyed my time in those places, I’m a Texan, and I enjoy being home,” boast Jazmyne.

Jazmyne believes the people – both customers and fellow Cactus colleagues – is what she has enjoyed the most in her role.  Servicing the clients and developing deeper, mutually beneficial relationships is paramount to Jazmyne; and, it mimics the culture Amy Milam, CEO of Cactus, deploys with the entire Cactus team.  Jazmyne’s attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed; she’s even has taken such impeccable care of clients, that some refer to her as their primary point of contact via Cactus.

Working in collaboration with the other Cactus project managers, Jazmyne fosters an honest, hardworking culture with her team within Cactus.  And, has been able to do it with a strong style considering they are all separated by hundreds of miles geographically.

Understanding the importance of self-care, Jazmyne believes taking care of herself has tremendous impact on her role with Cactus’ clients.

“When I take time out for me, I can return to taking care of our clients in a better mindset, and serving our clients in terms of a deeper, more substantial relationship, is impactful – not just for me, but for all the parties involved,” explains Jazmyne.

Having recently celebrated her 30th birthday, Jazmyne received a spectacular gift – a wedding proposal from her boyfriend of three years, Christopher. When not working or thinking about the clients of Cactus, Christopher and Jazmyne enjoy finding a good television show to watch together – most recently, ‘Fargo’ with Chris Rock.

Jazmyne has a unique perspective on trends, considering the variance of clients and their respective solutions.  When asked what she believes businesses’ resources need to concentrate on going into the new year, her answer was immediate.  “Unfortunately, due to COVID our focus and respective compliance must be on security.   As people continue to WFH (work from home), coupled with increasing hacking threats, it’s essential for businesses to assure they have the best security infrastructure in place.”

Home Sweet Home

Though she grew up near the cool mountain air of Lakewood, Colorado, client solutions executive Becky Anderson is a Texan – a title she wears proudly.

Becky’s experience in IT/Telecom began after several years of selling airtime for a local radio station in Midland, Texas.  A former colleague – and now friend – called and told Becky she was missing out by not joining the then, Southwestern Bell Company (SBC) outside sales team.

Admittedly, Becky says she wasn’t familiar with the industry knowledge of her associates.

“I distinctly remember being at a large table one day at lunch with my new coworkers and how they were all talking about telecom and its vernacular terms; the terms bounced back and forth like a tennis ball in a heated match – I was lost and confused,” explained Becky.  “After lunch I asked how long it was going to take until I knew the terminologies – and more so, could contribute – to their work-related discussions.  Thankfully they told me only 18 months!”

It’s apparent Becky’s knowledge has become almost like a second language for her when discussing any telecom needs.  Becky’s insight and knowledge from her AT&T days (note:  SBC acquired AT&T in 2005) is the impressive foundation she uses daily.

Amy Milam (Cactus Technology Solutions’ CEO) courted Becky for some time to join the Cactus team.  As former colleagues, Becky and Amy did their initial training together, and Amy knew Becky was just what Cactus needed.   Becky also speaks about how fellow AT&T friend Jake Godwin (Sales Engineer of Cactus Technology Solutions) had already joined.

“Once I made the decision, I never looked back. It’s hard for me to find the words to describe how much I enjoy being a part of the Cactus team.  Selling and working with Amy is awesome,” boasts Becky.  “I’m having fun, coupled with the freedom to manage my sales efforts how I believe they best fit both Cactus and me, personally.”

A recent move to Austin has Becky in new territory again – but just physically this time.  As a grandmother to 18-month old, ‘Beck’ – her namesake – there’s no doubt what made her decide to pack up and move from Midland to Austin.   Beck and his family live not too far – an easy commute for Becky so she never has to miss out on Beck’s first…like playing t-ball, word development, etc.   Becky says there are zero regrets moving to Austin.

Beck, Becky’s grandson and namesake

Fellow Cactus team members can rely on Becky for her perceptiveness and tips on being productive when working from home; though the entire team has always worked from home.  Becky graciously offers great tips like keeping a schedule, always dressing for the day, and a strong routine.  Some of Becky’s clients are new to the ‘work from home’ style in leu of COVID-19 and she’s happy to offer some suggestions.

When asked what product or service is her favorite to sell, she answers without hesitation.

“UCaaS (unified communications as a service) …it’s where things are going and it is a must for any organization.  With our fabulous solution partners, I can bring solid options for a client to choose from.  I enjoy selling the service because I have been able to watch clients save money; plus, I know the remarkable benefits,” says Becky.

Building strong relationships with her clients is an aspect of Becky’s great work with Cactus; and Becky has never not returned a client’s phone call the same day.  When asked what she’s missed the most due to COVID-19, Becky answers boldly: “I miss being out and engaging with my clients; so many are now my friends, and I miss that.”

In addition to spending time with her grandson, in her free time Becky enjoys exploring new restaurants, swimming, spa days and her fur-baby, Finn.

It sounds like Becky has found a great home – both with Cactus and in Austin closer to her family.

The Dog Days of Summer are Here!

The term “Dog Days” traditionally refers to a period of particularly hot and humid weather occurring during the summer months of July and August in the Northern Hemisphere.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the Dog Days were believed to be a time of drought, bad luck, and unrest, when dogs and men alike would be driven mad by the extreme heat. Today, the phrase doesn’t conjure up such bad imagery. Instead, the Dog Days are associated purely with the time of summer’s peak temperatures and humidity. (source:  The Almanac)

Yes, the heat and humidity are upon us – but we’re not letting that slow us down.  As always, we’d welcome the opportunity to learn more about you, your business and any fur-babies in your home!

We are embracing the ’Dog Days’ with our team and their pooches!  We hope you’ll enjoy as we brag on our four-legged kiddos a bit!


Hondo, Amy Milam’s dog

Hondo loves being outdoors fishing, swimming in the tank, taking long rides through the country and ice cream sandwiches.  He’s a 3-year-old Labrador retriever.



Phineas Winston Anderson (Finn for short), Becky Anderson’s dog

Finn loves chasing golf carts – he never catches them; he just likes to act like he will catch them.  Finn and Becky love the outdoors and walking the trail.


Bruno and Treasure, Mike Anderson’s dogs

Bruno enjoys mimicking his dad, Mike, by wearing hats; and Treasure is living up to his name by treasuring time via a nap with his dad.


King and Ace, Daniel Ke’s dogs

They love walks with their dad, Daniel

SIDE NOTE:  if you remember last month’s feature, you’ll know the derivative of their names – don’t worry – there won’t be any quizzes.

Hazel, Tanner Milam’s dog

Hazel is a cuddler – but also enjoys running (like her dad!).

SIDE NOTE:  Hazel isn’t sticking her tongue out at you!  🙂


Kimber, Miles Moore’s dog

Kimber’s favorite thing to do is to play fetch and swim!



Kane, Jazmyne Renfro’s dog

Kane – or sometimes Kaniac – loves longs walks, sandwiches and making new friends

SIDE NOTE: we promise we didn’t copy this from a song lyric!


Diego, Kim Schofield’s dog

Diego only responds when Kim speaks to him in Spanish (we’re not sure on the English commands).  Diego also enjoys chasing big dogs.


Buster and Rose, Stephanie White’s dogs

These guys are attention seekers and want it all, though belly rubs are the best.  The smaller one, Rose, likes to nip at ankles.



Team Feature: Stephanie White

You can call her by many nicknames – a few might include either ‘summer lover’ or ‘the walking Shazam’.  Regardless, Houston native, Stephanie White, enjoys the simple things in life as well as being an ear for others. What’s most impressive is that it’s evident when visiting with her – even for just a few minutes.

When asked what makes Stephanie a great advisor for her clients, she quickly replies, “my clients know I have their best interest in all of my solutions.”

Mother to an 11-year-old, Stephanie and her husband, live in the Houston, Texas.  Her work as a Client Solutions Executive is a role she embraces similar to being a mother, embracing every moment with understanding and fighting to win every opportunity given.

When asked what she enjoys most about working with Cactus Technology Solutions, Stephanie’s respect and appreciation for the freedom she has in choosing a provider, or a master agent is paramount.  Stephanie’s dedication to her clients is seen in the details and perseverance when searching for the perfect solution.  In fact, Stephanie’s due diligence when researching the ideal solutions for her clients is the truest definition of commitment; Stephanie listens to the insightful podcast and webinar series offered by our Telecommunications Master Agents to continue to learn this ever-changing world of technology.

Stephanie explains, “Our freedom to work with multiple providers is like thinking through moves of a game of chess, trying to make the best move for the strategic goals of my customer.”.

Now, one might determine with Stephanie’ analogy chess means she enjoys being indoors. However, Stephanie loves the outdoors and prefers being outside – even in the Texas heat!   When asked about her favorite television show Stephanie explains she’s outside so much there’s not much time to watch tv.

Stephanie was forthcoming with words about Cactus Technology Solutions’ CEO Amy Milam, too.  Stephanie believes having a compassionate leader who leads by example has been a motivating and team unifying benefit of being part of the Cactus Technology Solutions’ team.  “Amy is empathetic, genuine and helpful in every capacity and I feel it’s one of the characteristics I’ve enjoyed the most about Cactus,” describes Stephanie.

Something about Stephanie many may not realize is her tremendous ear for music and love for playing various instruments including the guitar, violin and the piano.

It has been proven and clearly sounds like Stephanie has a remarkable work ethic and compassion for her clients, too!