Client Feature: Big Country Electric Cooperative

Client Feature: Big Country Electric Cooperative

After having worked directly with Cactus Technology Solutions’ Amy Milam and Jake Godwin in a previous capacity, Big Country Electric Cooperative’s Linda Key knew first-hand the depth of knowledge and insight Jake and Amy could bring to the table when identifying a new phone system for the 13,000-member cooperative.


Big Country Electric Cooperative
Big Country Electric Cooperative IT Team Scott Edmonds and Chris Thomson

Linda’s Information System Administrator, Scott Edmonds, and IS Technician, Chris Thomson, saw The Momentum phone system presented at several conferences, liked the offerings, and felt it was time for a demonstration for the organization, so Scott called and secured an appointment.  Amy, Jake. Momentum’s Kerri Lytle coupled with Momentum’s sales engineer, Russell Smith, came to the meeting and presented the complete system to Linda and her team including the many features and benefits the hosted voice structure could bring to Big Country Electric Cooperative.


“Having worked with Jake and Amy before, I was very comfortable – and confident – their recommendation for a new phone system would make sure the needs of Big Country Electric Cooperative were in the forefront to assure a sound offering,” explained Linda.


As a not-for-profit organization, Linda’s role as vice-president of office services is critical to assure any expenditures for infrastructure not only meets the needs of the organization but will also reassure the member-owned organization has done their due diligence.


Following a mid-December of 2019 install, Big Country Electric Cooperative has been very pleased.  And, in light of the recent COVID-19 developments requiring Linda and her colleagues work from home, the Momentum phone system has far exceeded expectations.


“We were familiar with the extensive features/benefits of the phone system; however, we have been forced to learn and utilize features quicker than we would have had we still been working on-site.  The system’s screen share and face-to-face features have been tremendous,” says Linda.


MomentumThe Momentum phone solution has been a unified answer for the organization as they continue to meet the needs of their membership.  Calls are answered with a physical phone, as a soft phone via the computer, or through an application installed on an employee’s smart phone.  The application assures the call is made via the COOP’s main number and doesn’t have to utilize the recipient’s personal cell phone number. Working remotely has allowed Member Accounts Representative’s to utilize the soft phone and app features to take members’ calls since physical phones could not be installed at employees’ homes.


“We have been fortunate to assist our members without any digression during these unique circumstances.  I’m pretty confident this phone solution has played an important part in our organization’s efficiency as we stand right now,” boast Linda.


Linda praised her IS team.  “Scott and Chris did all the real work in getting the phone system installed. The implementation couldn’t have happened without them, and I’m grateful to have them as part of my team,” says Linda.


When asked in closing how Linda would describe Cactus Technology Solutions, her answer is concise and adamant, “Amy and Jake can bring dependability, trust and innovation to any organization’s challenges; they certainly did for Big Country Electric Cooperative,” states Linda.