Helping to Improve Businesses

Helping to Improve Businesses

With a strong aptitude for sales, Director of Technical Sales for Cactus Technology Solutions (CTS), Jake Godwin’s professional career began within the financial services.   Though he saw success within the industry, Jake transitioned to the telecom/IT arena over 23 years ago and hasn’t looked back.  His former managers saw strong potential in him and assured he had the best foundation for success with sales training via national programs, including Dale Carnegie and Brian Tracy.

“One thing I learned from my training early in my career was a self-assessment of my sales.        I realized I wasn’t spending enough time having thoughtful discussions with my customers.  When I made that change, I saw a difference.  That foundation (of spending time talking with my customers) is something I strive for every day, even more than 20 years later,” says Jake.

Jake’s role via CTS isn’t unique in the industry.  Many IT/Telecom organizations have a Director of Technical Sales or Sales Engineer to assure the customer has a clear understanding of the products and/or services they’re considering for their respective companies.

“Technology is changing every single day.  Even though I’m an expert in the field, I still continue learning in order to provide the correct solutions to match the needs and expectations of our customers,” describes Jake.

Jake and CTS’s CEO, Amy Milam, work collaboratively with several customers to assure they understand the complexities or the functional aspects of the technology they have in place or are reviewing to add.  “I sell to help people and change their infrastructure for the better.  Our task –at Cactus – is to help businesses improve.  That role is something I have great passion in,” Jakes boasts.

Jake and Amy have worked together for many years – going back to their respective times at AT&T.  Jake’s admiration for Amy is apparent when describing what he has enjoyed the most about being an integral part of the CTS team.  Jake is impressed with the strengths and advantages Amy brings to the team and the CTS company.

With hundreds of products in the portfolio of CTS’ offerings, Jake is quick to answer when asked his current favorite product to sell.  “UCaaS, without a doubt.  It’s a game changer!  There’s a multitude of reasons – what it brings to the table, the additional functionality and, what can be the most enlightening aspect for me, it’s a product that enables everyone within a company to see a difference in their daily tasks,” states Jake.

Jake refers back to his need to have healthy discussions with his customers as his best way to stay productive, stating he and the customer typically learn something from each other.  However, he finds his motivation in the recognition and appreciation he receives from, not just his customers, but Amy too.  “Success breeds success and when everyone is doing well it’s recognized by Amy.  When that happens, I find such a strength of inspiration that it just seems logical to pick up the phone and talk with a customer,” Jake explains.

A native of Oklahoma, Jake says his wife of 14 years, Annalisa, is what brought him to Texas.  When asked their favorite way to spend a weekend, the answer was simple – “it’s spending time outdoors, regardless if it’s fishing, cycling or grilling…just being active.”

Jake and Annalisa

It’s a solid, undeniable statement when one asks Jake about his role at Cactus Technology Solutions, “I’ve enjoyed this more than any other place I’ve been before!” Jake replies.