Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Though she grew up near the cool mountain air of Lakewood, Colorado, client solutions executive Becky Anderson is a Texan – a title she wears proudly.

Becky’s experience in IT/Telecom began after several years of selling airtime for a local radio station in Midland, Texas.  A former colleague – and now friend – called and told Becky she was missing out by not joining the then, Southwestern Bell Company (SBC) outside sales team.

Admittedly, Becky says she wasn’t familiar with the industry knowledge of her associates.

“I distinctly remember being at a large table one day at lunch with my new coworkers and how they were all talking about telecom and its vernacular terms; the terms bounced back and forth like a tennis ball in a heated match – I was lost and confused,” explained Becky.  “After lunch I asked how long it was going to take until I knew the terminologies – and more so, could contribute – to their work-related discussions.  Thankfully they told me only 18 months!”

It’s apparent Becky’s knowledge has become almost like a second language for her when discussing any telecom needs.  Becky’s insight and knowledge from her AT&T days (note:  SBC acquired AT&T in 2005) is the impressive foundation she uses daily.

Amy Milam (Cactus Technology Solutions’ CEO) courted Becky for some time to join the Cactus team.  As former colleagues, Becky and Amy did their initial training together, and Amy knew Becky was just what Cactus needed.   Becky also speaks about how fellow AT&T friend Jake Godwin (Sales Engineer of Cactus Technology Solutions) had already joined.

“Once I made the decision, I never looked back. It’s hard for me to find the words to describe how much I enjoy being a part of the Cactus team.  Selling and working with Amy is awesome,” boasts Becky.  “I’m having fun, coupled with the freedom to manage my sales efforts how I believe they best fit both Cactus and me, personally.”

A recent move to Austin has Becky in new territory again – but just physically this time.  As a grandmother to 18-month old, ‘Beck’ – her namesake – there’s no doubt what made her decide to pack up and move from Midland to Austin.   Beck and his family live not too far – an easy commute for Becky so she never has to miss out on Beck’s first…like playing t-ball, word development, etc.   Becky says there are zero regrets moving to Austin.

Beck, Becky’s grandson and namesake

Fellow Cactus team members can rely on Becky for her perceptiveness and tips on being productive when working from home; though the entire team has always worked from home.  Becky graciously offers great tips like keeping a schedule, always dressing for the day, and a strong routine.  Some of Becky’s clients are new to the ‘work from home’ style in leu of COVID-19 and she’s happy to offer some suggestions.

When asked what product or service is her favorite to sell, she answers without hesitation.

“UCaaS (unified communications as a service) …it’s where things are going and it is a must for any organization.  With our fabulous solution partners, I can bring solid options for a client to choose from.  I enjoy selling the service because I have been able to watch clients save money; plus, I know the remarkable benefits,” says Becky.

Building strong relationships with her clients is an aspect of Becky’s great work with Cactus; and Becky has never not returned a client’s phone call the same day.  When asked what she’s missed the most due to COVID-19, Becky answers boldly: “I miss being out and engaging with my clients; so many are now my friends, and I miss that.”

In addition to spending time with her grandson, in her free time Becky enjoys exploring new restaurants, swimming, spa days and her fur-baby, Finn.

It sounds like Becky has found a great home – both with Cactus and in Austin closer to her family.