Hosted Voice
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Hosted Voice

Don’t just take our word for it!  The stats are impressive; and influential in our opinion, too.

  • By 2021 Gartner predicts off-premise unified communications (Hosted Voice) will be close to 90%
  • 84% of IT managers report mobility is very important. Thus, mobility is one of the factors for boosted PBX growth.
  • Market research* shows companies can save 50% to 75% on communication costs using a VoIP, or hosted phone system.
  • Small businesses using VoIP can decrease the cost of local calls by 40%, and international calls by 90%.
  • VoIP can trim down initial costs for startup business by roughly 90%.
  • Businesses utilizing Unified Communication solutions save an average of 191 hours daily and 49,660 hours yearly.
  • Having a Unified Communication or VoIP system can help employees save an average of 32 call minutes per day.
  • Manage your system via a computer with an internet connection or a smartphone.


Via our partners, we have over 100 hosted voice options.  Schedule a virtual visit with your client solutions executive (CSE) today to learn more.  Your CSE can develop a working document to identify the best solution, then sit with you as your advocate when reviewing options via demonstrations or the like.