Client Feature: Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd, Inc. (eHT)

A visit with Bob Benham of Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd, Inc.


“We needed to identify the best IT/telecom provider who can work with Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd, Inc (eHT) and Amy Milam and the team via Cactus Technology Solutions was at the top of our list for the task,” states Bob Benham, chief financial and administrative officer, of eHT.


Benham was quick to answer with rave reviews of ‘why Cactus Technology Solutions’.  His experience is what we hope and want to hear from a client.


As chief administrative officer, Benham coordinates all things non-engineering related for the 30-year-old multidisciplined engineering firm in Abilene.  With additional offices in Lubbock and Granbury, Benham must assure the IT and telecom needs are met throughout the organization, and that can be a challenging order.  However, Benham put all his trust and confidence into Cactus to bring him the solutions he needed.


Those solutions incorporate the services of several providers, including Abilene’s Datroo Technologies.  The collaborative efforts of Cactus Technology Solutions and Datroo helps Benham navigate the flow of the mix of providers.


Benham, an executive from the inception of the firm, speaks candidly about how critical it is for him to seek efficiencies for his organization.  However, that function is also a favorite aspect of his job, too.


“My responsibilities are multi-faceted, and I need someone I can trust and who knows our expectations.  Amy is one of the most customer-friendly people I have worked with and our confidence in her and her team is paramount to the success of eHT,” explains Benham.


Benham may be in the C-suite at eHT, but his true sweet lies with his wife of almost 45 years, Teanie, their three children and eight granddaughters.


Benham schedules the accountant required CEU courses so he and his wife can take one granddaughter – after her graduation from first grade – to Walt Disney World for a few days.

“When I leave to go to school, Teanie and the granddaughter leave for the Park for the morning; I meet up with them after lunch for us to enjoy the day together.  The one-on-one time we have with our granddaughter is special for us, and we’re making memories for her to cherish as well,” boast Benham.


Benham feels his partnership with Cactus Technology Solutions is strong; for our perspective Cactus Technology Solutions is honored to be part of Benham and the eHT team.