How Technology Can Streamline and Improve Temperature Screening

The statistics (source: Tech Connect) speak for themselves with regards to temperature screening in our current times:

  • 86% of employees feel more comfortable when entering workplace
  • 68% of customers are more likely to enter a business
  • 79% prefer a kiosk versus a human taking temperature
  • 76% of companies are currently offering temperature screenings


The question to ask yourself of your business…are you offering your employees and/or customers the confidence they need in protecting their overall physical health, as well as the health of the business and those involved?

With the start of school around the corner, administrations need to begin the work now to assure they have the temperature screening protocols in place when faculty, staff and students return to the classroom; technology can make all the difference.

District Administration, an in-depth print and digital media company, helps administrators make informed decisions about best practices and research-based approaches designed to help them improve teacher quality and increase student achievement across their districts.

They (District Administration) offers some great insight and recommendations in their article ‘How Technology Can Streamline and Improve Temperature Screening’, linked here.

Cactus Technology Solutions has several different providers offering thermal analytics.   Scheduling a few minutes of time with your client solutions executive is the step in the right direction for protecting those involved with your business, regardless of your industry.

Thermal Analytics

Is your team transitioning to begin working back at the office?  Or, do you have customers coming on-site for services?

Perhaps you’ve considered implementing new protocols in light of the COVID-19, and one of those may include temperature reading upon entry?  We have a great solution for you.  AT&T has a stellar thermal analytics product that is easy to install and begin using.


Some highlights include:

  • Thermal imaging camera detecting a human with an elevated temperature based upon a pre-defined – by you – temperature range (i.e. 100° F plus)
  • This product utilizes passive technology to help replace manual, human intervention
  • Great for:
    • Office and government buildings
    • Hospitals, medical facilities
    • Airports, transportation stations
    • Business and educational campuses
    • Venues – stadiums, parks, etc.

Your client solution executive can provide in-depth details and cost.

WFM and Cybersecurity

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Work from Home (WFH) is on the rise exponentially.  With that rise, comes the possible implications of cybersecurity issues.

Yes, it’s a daunting issue to review and discuss.  But like COVID-19’s hand-washing, masks, etc., cybersecurity has several cautionary steps to instill to help protect your company, customers and employees.

Our partner via Edge Communications, Sloane Cassidy Cunningham, has developed a few quick questions to determine what the next steps you need to take to begin needed informative improvements.

  1. Do you have cybersecurity training in place for your employees?
  2. What security initiatives have you put in place of recent?
  3. Are your security initiatives focused on compliance or securing your infrastructure?
  4. Do you have any additional security goals?

Regardless if your role is training, or more involved like infrastructure protection, you can be confident Edge Communication’s security specialist Sloane Cassidy Cunningham, coupled with your Cactus Technology Solutions’ team member, can get you started with the right strides