Ransomware and Phishing

First, let’s define it!

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system or computer files until a sum of money is paid. Most ransomware variants encrypt the files on the affected computer, making them inaccessible, and demand a ransom payment to restore access.

So, yes, they (who is they?…we’ll get to that in a moment) are holding your files ransom for money – and currently, as in this week, the preferred currency is crypto.  They will send you an email explaining of the terms: “You pay $Thousands, and we will give you YOUR files back.”

You receive an email from what appears to be a trusted source, but it’s not who you think.  It’s disguised, or a phishing email (click here for phishing information).  Within the email is a masqueraded attachment.  Unbeknownst, you click to open it, and “BOOM” the nightmare is in full force!

Okay, now, who is the ‘they’?   Depends…it could be someone living on the other side of the world…or a ‘too smart for their own good’ teenager down the street.  But, at this point it doesn’t matter – your files are being held for ransom, and you need to get it remedied, and fast!

Is ransomware preventable?  Well, to be honest, no.  The smartest way though, is to assure you’re proactive with your backups and their frequency.

We’ve attached a handy two-pager for more information cyber-infocus_10.10.19.

Regardless, you know the first step in the right direction though!  Call your Cactus Technology Solution’s client executive now.