A Winning Hand

A native of Georgia, senior project manager for Cactus Technology Solutions Daniel Ke is exploring the vast offerings of the United States with his wife, Lisa Nguyen.

Daniel Ke
Daniel and his wife, Lisa Nguyen

“We wanted to open our eyes to experience different places and are currently residing in Virginia,” explains Daniel.

Between the diversity and the Metro (Washington DC’s mass transit system), Daniel and Lisa are pleased with where their journey has taken them right now.  However, their journey is about to widen with the pending birth of their son this October.

But Daniel believes the family culture is just as evident within the team of Cactus Technology Solutions.

“I didn’t expect to feel like this working with a company.  Cactus is by far the best company I have ever worked with; Amy is a terrific leader and she instills the family culture to the team.  I’m thrilled to be part of Cactus,” boast Daniel.

As the senior project manager, Daniel works one-on-one with both clients of Cactus Technology Solutions and individual team members.  He assures the client’s expectations are met on behalf of the Cactus team.

Daniel’s resume is impressive – his experience with AT&T and other telecom service companies has developed his skills to match the ongoing needs of both the clients and team members of Cactus.

When asked about what has been most satisfying in his role at Cactus, Daniel’s answer is quick and adamant:  “I know I make a positive impact with our clients and I have a voice in the direction needed to resolve any issues – both pending and resolving any potential issues.”

As a first generation American, Daniel and Lisa stay true to their families’ heritage.  In fact, they met in college at a student networking event for fellow Vietnamese students.

“Lisa was singing on stage, and I know at that moment I had found my true love,” Daniel says proudly.

Daniel’s vast experience and skills are of no surprise; however, his hobby might be of a shock.  Daniel is an avid ‘Texas Hold ‘Em Poker’ player, having played extensively in college.   But don’t gamble on Lisa playing the tables or slots – she has no interest.

The Cactus Technology Solutions’ team will bet on Daniel to assure our clients receive the best in customer service and project management details.  He’s a tremendous asset to the team.