Team Feature: Stephanie White

Team Feature: Stephanie White

You can call her by many nicknames – a few might include either ‘summer lover’ or ‘the walking Shazam’.  Regardless, Houston native, Stephanie White, enjoys the simple things in life as well as being an ear for others. What’s most impressive is that it’s evident when visiting with her – even for just a few minutes.

When asked what makes Stephanie a great advisor for her clients, she quickly replies, “my clients know I have their best interest in all of my solutions.”

Mother to an 11-year-old, Stephanie and her husband, live in the Houston, Texas.  Her work as a Client Solutions Executive is a role she embraces similar to being a mother, embracing every moment with understanding and fighting to win every opportunity given.

When asked what she enjoys most about working with Cactus Technology Solutions, Stephanie’s respect and appreciation for the freedom she has in choosing a provider, or a master agent is paramount.  Stephanie’s dedication to her clients is seen in the details and perseverance when searching for the perfect solution.  In fact, Stephanie’s due diligence when researching the ideal solutions for her clients is the truest definition of commitment; Stephanie listens to the insightful podcast and webinar series offered by our Telecommunications Master Agents to continue to learn this ever-changing world of technology.

Stephanie explains, “Our freedom to work with multiple providers is like thinking through moves of a game of chess, trying to make the best move for the strategic goals of my customer.”.

Now, one might determine with Stephanie’ analogy chess means she enjoys being indoors. However, Stephanie loves the outdoors and prefers being outside – even in the Texas heat!   When asked about her favorite television show Stephanie explains she’s outside so much there’s not much time to watch tv.

Stephanie was forthcoming with words about Cactus Technology Solutions’ CEO Amy Milam, too.  Stephanie believes having a compassionate leader who leads by example has been a motivating and team unifying benefit of being part of the Cactus Technology Solutions’ team.  “Amy is empathetic, genuine and helpful in every capacity and I feel it’s one of the characteristics I’ve enjoyed the most about Cactus,” describes Stephanie.

Something about Stephanie many may not realize is her tremendous ear for music and love for playing various instruments including the guitar, violin and the piano.

It has been proven and clearly sounds like Stephanie has a remarkable work ethic and compassion for her clients, too!