Your phone’s ‘health’ is important, too!

Your phone’s ‘health’ is important, too!

Dear friends and clients,

Your phone’s ‘health’ is important, too!

I thought I’d include some tips on how to assure your phone is cleaned properly to fight any virus contamination.  Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus can remain on surfaces up to nine (9) days – including your phone.

  1. Make sure your phone is unplugged from any charging devices, including direct power.
  2. I always remove the case so I can make sure I clean the phone AND the case to the best of my abilities.
  3. Wipes are safe, in fact Apple says it’s okay to use Clorox wipes and similar products on your phone. Using an Android?  Samsung has not made a public statement just yet.
  4. Directly using alcohol can damage your phone. If you’re curious about the damage, call me (325-513-6851) and I can give you the run down.
  5. Never use bleach.
  6. Spray any cleaning solution – nothing abrasive though – onto a soft, non-lint cloth (a paper towel can also be too abrasive) first, and not directly to the phone, then wipe down the phone.

Again, to echo all others – be sure to wash your hands frequently.

On a personal note, I wish you and yours health and safety.  Together, we will get through this unprecedented time!